Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree Students (or Non-Matriculated Students)

Students who are interested in taking up to four courses in specific topics to update their professional skills can enroll as Non-Degree students at Rutgers University. After taking the four courses, students can apply for a change of degree status to a degree program and courses (with grade A, B+ or B only) will count towards the degree. International students cannot apply or enroll as Non-Degree students as Rutgers will not sponsor a Non-Degree student for a visa. Students that do not require a U.S. visa can apply as a Non-Degree student. There are several advantages:

– It is easy to enroll in the courses and bypass the formal degree application process, which saves time.

– GRE scores and letters of recommendation are not required, but a final transcript with proof of a BS from a United States accredited university is required. A short personal statement detailing the background of the applicant and their interest in Pharmaceutical Engineering is also required. Applicants should also submit their resume with their application.

– To apply to the Non-Degree program of study, please apply on-line at the Graduate School New Brunswick. To apply, search for the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Program of Study and choose the Non-Degree option. Make sure you discuss you are interested in Pharmaceutical Engineering in your personal statement.

– Permission to enroll in a specific course is granted by the department by assigning a special permission number.

– Students are allowed to take up to 4 courses (12 credit hours) as non-degree students. Students are graded and receive a transcript. These courses on the transcript are preceded with the letter “K”. At a later time, if the student desires they can apply for a change of degree status to a degree program. Students who have not taken the GRE and would like to pursue the MS or ME program can apply for a change of degree status without the GRE.  If a student is accepted into the MS, ME or PhD program, the courses with K-prefix (with grade A, B+ or B only) will count toward the degree and the K-prefix is deleted from the transcript.

– In general, students with an engineering, pharmacy or science background tend to do well in the pharmaceutical engineering courses.

Before applying for the Non-Degree program of study, we strongly recommend that students contact the Director of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Program at in order to ensure that they meet all program requirements.